BioChef Nova Blender

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  • Điều khiển một chạm dễ sử dụng
  • Động cơ 1600 watt mạnh mẽ
  • Sáu chương trình cài đặt sẵn + nút PULSE và các nút tốc độ thay đổi
  • Tạo sinh tố, đồ uống nóng, súp và sữa hạt, tất cả chỉ bằng một nút bấm
  • Hệ thống lưỡi thép không gỉ tiên tiến của Nhật Bản hoạt động ở tốc độ 28.000 vòng / phút
  • Bình nhựa Tritan 2 Lít không BPA
  • Bảo hành ấn tượng 2 năm cho động cơ, 1 năm cho các bộ phận
    • Nova Blender

      Our simplest power blender yet!

      BioChef Nova Blender Soup

      The new BioChef Nova Blender offers a smarter, faster way to prepare smoothies, soups and much more.

      The powerful motor combined with our advanced blade system easily blends fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains and even ice into a silky-smooth texture.

      Power, precision and six pre-set programmes make blending easier than ever before.


      6 Handy Programmes and One-Touch Controls

      Finely Tuned Blend Technology

      BioChef Nova Blender Controls

      Activated with a single button press to create perfect smoothies, soups, hot drinks, nut milks, purees and crushed ice, the BioChef Nova Blender has six automatic programmes.

      The BioChef Nova Blender also has Variable Speed and Time Controls and a Pulse feature, allowing you to fine-tune the blend manually for a variety of textures.


      Robust Japanese Stainless Steel blade system

      High speed, precision blending

      BioChef Nova Blender with Jug and Vented Lid
      BioChef Nova Blender with 2 Litre Jug

      The BioChef Nova Blender comes with Japanese made stainless steel premium blades which are not only the toughest on the market but also extremely resistant to rust or decay. These blades spin 28,000 times per minute to pulverise even the toughest ingredients.

      The Nova Blender also comes with a heavy duty tamper tool to accelerate the blending process and reduce air pockets from forming which helps to prevent oxidation.


      Convenient Design and Quick Cleaning

      Uncomplicated features for effortless use

      BioChef Nova Blender White Red Black
      • 2 part vented lid allows you to add ingredients without stopping the blending cycle, and releases steam while blending hot mixtures
      • Simple to use, wipe-clean control panel
      • Under-base power cord storage for your convenience
      • After filling with a few drops of dish washing liquid and warm water, you can select the pulse function and the BioChef Nova Blender will clean itself!

      The perfect multi-purpose blender

      What can you make with the BioChef Nova Blender?

      Smoothie Bowl
      • Fresh Smoothies and Juices
      • Smoothie bowls
      • Ice Creams and Frozen drinks
      • Steaming hot soups
      • Ground coffee, grains and pulses
      • Crushed ice
      • Nut butters and milks
      • Spreads, sauces and dips


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